It's only a game of footy....

but all it takes is an elbow to the face, or a trip and a fall....

and you could have a fractured or a smashed front tooth! There is nothing pretty about that - other than the fact that it is pretty awful, pretty ugly and pretty expensive to get fixed!

Do you play any contact sport at all?

Then you need a professionally made mouthguard.  There are several reasons why you need a proper one, rather than something you buy at the chemist shop and try to fit in your mouth.

    • the shop ones just do not fit, and so they provide very little, if any, protection.
    • chances are, the shop mouthguards will fit better in the bottom of your sportsbag than in your mouth.  and they will probably stay in the sportsbag, even during the game.
    • the chemist style mouthghuard will cost more than a professional one - because you will probably come for a professional guard after you realize that the shop one just does not fit.
    • For school children we do mouthguards at half price, or if there is a health insurance benefit, we bulk bill for children's treatments.

Mouthguards are essential!  you wouldn't play without the right equipment - so why neglect the most important protection for your mouth and teeth?

It is a simple process - we take an impression or two, and you choose the colours you like, and we make it in a day or two.  All colors are available, including all from the AFL teams.