About Us

Our Team

Our dental Clinic strives to keep up to date with the latest technology while keeping the treatments affordable for families.  Because times are tough for everyone, we have absorbed all price increases, for all supplies, lab fees and staff wages, and have not increased our fees in over three years. We know that dentistry seems expensive, but we are trying to keep it affordable for our patients.

Dr Sassan Chegini, DDS, BSc: 

Dr Chegini completed his Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 1981. Later on he advanced his skills by completing an honours degree in Dental Sciences from Adelaide University. Dr Chegini is a member of Australian Dental Association and has been working as a general dentist for over 27 years. Dr Chegini is highly experienced in all areas of dentistry including oral surgery. He remains active in seminars to keep up with the latest advancements in dentistry. Dr Chegini's main focus is on preventive dentistry and restoration. 

Leigh Bednarz:

Leigh, our experienced dental assistant, has dental assisting certification and has worked as a dental assistant for years. She loves working with peopl and will always find time for a chat with you. Her smile and kind mannerisms calm even the most anxious person. Leigh's friendly personality makes our patients feel comfortable and at ease. 

Fariba Chegini: 

Fariba is the practice manager. You will find her at the clinic on Fridays.