Why a crown?
Crowns may be used to reshape poorly formed teeth, to make discoloured or heavily filled teeth look beautiful, and to protect and strengthen weak or broken down teeth.

What is a crown?
A crown covers the entire tooth, right down to the gum line.

How does it work? 
A crown is made of porcelain or a combination of gold and porcelain, or sometimes, for the back teeth, a crown can be made of pure gold.  The porcelain can be made to match existing teeth, or, if several crowns are being placed, the ideal colour may be selected for each client.  Thus they can be made to look beautiful.  If a tooth is heavily filled, or broken, or liable to break, a crown will help to strengthen and protect the tooth from further damage.

Is a crown for me?
If you want to minimize the chance of breaking a tooth that has a large filling, then a crown may be the ideal way of treating that tooth. If you want to protect a tooth that has already broken, you will probably want to have a crown placed.

How is it done?
Two appointments are generally necessary in the construction of crowns.  The first appointment involves preparing the teeth, and taking an impression which is sent to a specialised laboratory for the crowns to be made.  At the second appointment the crowns are bonded  to the prepared teeth.

Will it hurt?
There is usually little or no discomfort in preparing or placing crowns.

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